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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Why I love New Media And Granny's Big Trip

New online media is different in so many ways from the media I grew up enjoying.
With online media you are able to watch whenever the time is convenient for you.
The days of arranging your schedule around the time a particular television show airs is past.

Another unique plus is online media often involves a relationship between the broadcaster and the audience. They often include chats and discussion boards with the podcasts promoting community between themselves and the viewers.

So when I first got involved with Podcasts I found a few about Mac's and the internet.
Almost immediately I found Cali Lewis and Neal Campbell at GeekBrief.Tv
I was just making my switch to mac. Cali was always available to answer my questions. She was the first person I'd ever had a video ichat with. I was excited about the application yet knew no one personally who had a mac. So Cali took time to ichat me! In my youth this would compare to Lucille Ball calling a fan with a video chat just to say "Hi an I'm excited about your new computer".

But these new media folks don't see themselves as some kind of celebrities who are unaccessable. They purposely make themselves available to the community of people who enjoy their podcasts. In fact in many ways we become like family.

My life has been so enriched by the friendships I've formed participating in social online media. And these cyber friends are a huge part of my world. With a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis often times I'm unable to get with real world friends. Yet illness doesn't prevent me from engaging with a group of great friends just because I can't go out. I can always place my macbook on my lap and enjoy the internets!

To make my point about how close friends can become online. I am sharing the news that Neal & Cali have sent this SwitchingGranny a plane ticket to come and visit with them for a week!! I am so excited I am about to burst.

Tommy and I met them last year briefly at the annual Christmas party in Nashville. But because they were streaming the event live we didn't have much opportunity to hang out. Cali & Neal at work: Our GBTV producers & stars at work From the GBTV Christmas Party:

So next week.. My online family reunion begins. I'll also be blessed to meet up for the first time with Dave & Kat Curlee and their girls. They also produce a video podcast titled Cooking with Kat.

Oh how exciting this is. I know I'll learn so much from these dear people. I can't wait and had to share with you. They so kindly offered to bring Tommy with me- but next week is his very busiest week of all having state police inspections for the school buses. He is so precious to be supportive of my Big Trip.

More to come!!


Nibby Priest said...

Martha, I am so excited for you and this trip. Hopefully we all will be enriched by your twitters of this grand experience. You mean so much to all you twitter friends. Nibby

J. David said...

Kat and I are tickled pink that you're coming. It's gonna be soooo good to spend time with you. We're eagerly waiting!!!!

love ya babe!

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